Questions and Answers

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Is there an age limit to Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International requires that members be at least eighteen years of age. There is no upper limit for age - there is at least one eighty year old member of Toastmasters locally.

Do I need to contact a club before attending?

No, although we do recommend that you do. Clubs can hold social events like barbeques, dinner meetings or have a last second change of venue. Some clubs shut down for the summer. Generally clubs will update their website to alert you to this but it's a good idea to reach out before you show up. That being said, you're welcome at any meeting that you'd like to attend.

Is there a cost for attending?

No, you can attend as a guest at any time at no cost and no obligation to join.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, not really. A writing utensil like a pen can be handy.

Do I have to participate in the meeting?

No. Most clubs will introduce you to the group and will give you an opportunity to share comments at the close of the meeting if you wish. If you really want to get up and speak then many clubs will give you an opportunity to do so in Table Topics although that depends on the club and their agenda at a particular meeting.

If I want to join Toastmasters, what is the cost?

Individual clubs set their own dues depending on what they offer their members. Most clubs charge between $10 and $15/month. If you've never been a Toastmaster before the Toastmasters International charges a new member fee which is usually $20-25 depending on the club. Some clubs offer promotional rates depending on the time of year, the length of time that you join for or whether they are conducting a membership drive at that time.
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Do you offer special rates to non-profits, seniors, students, the socially disadvantaged, the military, etc.?

Toastmasters international does not offer any special rates to any particular group. Individual clubs can set their own dues and can (in theory) offer discounted rates but we're not aware of any that do.